Something Spooky

Published December 26, 2013 by Cautious Fox

So I find myself wanting to write something scary and by scary maybe I mean something creepy. There is plenty of inspiration out there and plenty of perfect settings, but I can never seem to make anything come together harmoniously. Even if I can get something going none of it really feels creepy or scary in any way. My horror writing tends to have the same effects on people like the more recent Silent Hill games as it puts them into some sort of bored stupor. I do, however, have some ideas to combat these issues.

First, I want to set this story in a familiar setting. A setting that is not just familiar to me, but to others as well. Usually I tend to think of my old College campus as a good place (and yeah I know there is a horror game out there that takes place on a college campus, but it is a joke and more tedious than scary. Obscure: the Aftermath I am talking about you.) Not only is it a place I am quite familiar with but it is a place the majority of my readers (friends and family of course) will also be familiar with. Plus there are like thousands of students there and it’s not exactly private property. It also has a bunch of cool and semi-creepy buildings (auditorium building at night, anyone?) that would make a good setting for a story.

Second, I don’t think I really need to distort the literal or physical reality of the place all too much. I mean the things we think up in our own minds are scary enough with out some giant deformed monster lumbering around. Sometimes the giant monster is hardly scary at all. (unless its some giant freaking plant out behind some isolated mansion out in the woods) Granted this might be the hard part, as what I think is scary might not be scary to other people (I find it usually isn’t granted I jump at the drop of a hat). Either way I think this should be a fun little project once I can get my head wrapped around the “why” or “how”. I mean just about everything in fiction has to make sense or you’ll end up with a rubbish story. 😀

I have a distinct feeling therei should be rain, and hail….and darkness in my story. I mean I suffered through the final slaughtering ice storm of 2013 and my Uncle Kermit has some scary stories about hail from on the back of his motorcycle, so why not use it for inspiration? I mean lots of people would be freaked out by hail at UNT as crap like that never happens in Texas. xP


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